Draumr Logo
Where did Draumr Publishing's name come from?
Good question! We labored long and hard over the name for our new company. The end result has several thoughts behind it...

As an author, I made contact with a lot of other authors, some published, some not, and all had the same response to being published... it was a dream come true!

Personally, I had that same feeling...and again that same feeling overcame me at the thought of opening a publishing company.

Draumr is the Old Norse root for the word "dream"...therefore Draumr Publishing has become the root of all dreams... yours and mine.

The People Behind Draumr

Rida Allen, Co-owner and Jill-of-all-Trades
Rida is a contemporary romance novel author who writes her books only with full-figured heroines. She has been writing since her youth and was first published in 2001. Her first book, "Great Love", was published by a small publishing company in Frederick, Maryland, where they utilized the print-on-demand technology to offer new authors the chance to achieve their dreams. Rida published her second book with iUniverse, wanting to explore the world of self-publishing. "The Legacy Tree" was the first book in a series of five connected books. The second in the series, "Truth and Lies", was picked up by her original publisher in Frederick, Maryland. It was about that time that Rida began exploring the possibility of opening her own publishing company where she could help other romance novel authors get their BBW books out into the world. Rida is the main employee at Draumr Publishing. She receives and reads all submissions, makes recommendations for contract offers (fyi, she accepts all forms of M&Ms), consults on all cover art, is the main editor, is the main desktop publisher, website designer and otherwise Jill-of-all-trades. If you aren’t sure who handles something, then it is probably Rida. Rida comes from a close-knit family. Her husband, Robert, is also a writer although by day, he pretends to be a computer geek.

Robert Allen, Co-owner, Editor and Brilliant Business Mind
In denial of rumors that he is only here because of nepotism, Robert is actually very busy in his duties for Draumr, although few people are actually sure what those duties really are. Nevertheless his desk is so cluttered and chaotic it is obvious that he is up to something.  In all seriousness, Robert is one of the business minds behind Draumr Publishing as well as the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror editor. Robert is a freelance author in the adventure gaming industry for companies such as Reaper Miniatures and Urban Mammoth. He enjoys reading all kinds of books, including horror, science fiction, fantasy...

Judith Milbach, Co-owner, Accountant and Business Manager
Judy is Comptroller for a non-profit organization that "provides practical, participatory education about law, democracy and human rights." Along with her accounting duties for Draumr, Judy deals with all kinds of paperwork that the rest of us don't want to see. Judy likes to read general fiction, mysteries and some suspense books.

Michael Milbach, Co-owner and Technology Guru
Michael is a computer geek who has been in technology for many years. He runs this server (yes, this one right here!) and assists with all forms of technology as related to this webserver. However, if you have questions about the website, don't ask him! Check with Rida for questions concerning the website and its content. Michael has only recently gotten into reading books and now when he finds a good one, he has trouble putting it down. He enjoys science fiction, some fantasy and some non-fiction... no romance novels for this guy.