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Rida Allen

Rida Allen, a Maryland native, is the youngest of four children. She has been writing since the age of eleven, and reading romance novels for much longer. Her husband Robert, also a writer, is her best friend and one of her biggest supporters. They live in their newly purchased home with their spoiled dog, Bailey. To find out more about Rida and her writing, visit her website at www.ridaallen.com.

Elizabeth Angus was born in Melbourne, Australia, sometime in the swinging sixties, and has lived there most of her life. There are thus forty-some years of odd and varied information crammed into her brain, snippets of which emerge at odd moments in both writing and conversation. She has been writing for as long as she can remember; even before learning that the odd little squiggles in books were words, she was making up stories in her head. Though she’ll read anything if desperate, her preferred genres are science fiction, fantasy and mystery, preferably with some romance thrown in. Her favourite colour is purple, except for the days when it is black. Or red. Or green. Apart from writing, her passions are travel, quilting and art, not necessarily in that order. If she could live anywhere in the world apart from Australia, it would be Canada. In order to eat and pay the bills, Elizabeth’s working life has been spent in libraries, but she is currently searching for a more lucrative and less fulltime career in order to spend more time writing and fuel her escalating shoe addiction.

Come visit Elizabeth on our forums and check out her story, "Illustrated Woman" in the Love at Large anthology.

Judy Bagshaw

Canadian Author Judy Bagshaw is a woman with a mission and a unique vision. She has lived all her life as a plus size person in a thin-obsessed world. As a full time elementary school teacher for over two decades, she has personally witnessed the effect this thin obsession has had on many of her young, impressionable students. She has also recognized the need for people of size to see themselves represented in the media as more than the butt of jokes, the villain, or the jolly sidekick. To this end, Judy’s romance short stories and novels feature plus sized central characters living rich, involved lives, just as she has. You can find out more about Judy’s work at http://writerlady.homestead.com/homepage.html
Come visit Judy on our forums and check out her newest Draumr release, a full length book titled Big Fat Lies. She has a story, "A Work of Art" in the Love at Large anthology, and another story, "Someday My Prince" in the Leading Ladies anthology.

Melissa Bowersock

Melissa Bowersock is an eclectic author who writes only from the heart, be it historical romance, spiritual fantasy or contemporary fiction. She lives in a small desert town outside of Tucson, Arizona with her husband and “twin daughters,” a Siamese cat and an Airedale terrier.
Come visit Melissa on our forums and check out her book, Remember Me.

Sandra Z. Bruney

Sandra Z. Bruney was born in New York State and is a graduate of the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. She has lived in North Carolina for the past 33 years and has worked as an art teacher, bank teller, newspaper reporter and editor, and administrative assistant for the local chamber of commerce. She is a partner in a media consulting company that specializes in Web design. When not working at her computer, she enjoys reading, writing, and avoiding as much housework as possible. She and her husband have three adult sons and three grandchildren who are growing up much too quickly. Visit Sandy’s website at http://www.sandrazbruney.com.
Come visit Sandy on our forums and check out her book, Angels Unaware.

Vicky Burkholder

Vicky Burkholder Vicky lives in a small town in Pennsylvania not far from the hill country where her ancestors settled in 1741. She shares her home with her husband and cat and maintains storage room for her four children. At various times in her life, she has been a journalist, a teacher, a secretary, a short-order cook, a computer specialist, a DJ, a librarian and an editor for several e-publishers. She’s an award winning newsletter editor and does book reviews for Wantzuponatime. Her first two novels, a fantasy and a futuristic, have won rave reviews from RT Magazine and her third will also be a futuristic. She can be found at http://www.vickyburkholder.com
Come visit Vicky on our forums and check out her story "Who's Your Alpha?" in The Shape of Love anthology.

Kate Devlin

Born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Kate Devlin immigrated to Winnipeg, Canada, with her family as a teenager and is married with a teenaged daughter, two cats and a lovely mortgage. An artist and writer at heart, she spends her free time painting, drawing and typing out ideas on the computer. When not sequestered in her study, Kate can be found puttering around in her sorry little garden or stapled to her desk at her job in the health insurance industry.
Come visit Kate on our forums and check out her story, "Seanin and the Sleeping Prince", in the Leading Ladies anthology.

Jennifer Harrington

Jennifer Harrington lives on the beautiful New England coast with her husband, two small children, and two even smaller cats. When she isn’t reviewing books for Dangerously Curvy Novels or murdering flowers in her sad little garden, she’s sitting in front of her computer avoiding both her housework and writing that breakout novel.
Come visit Jennifer on our forums and check out her story, "Dirty Laundry", in the Love at Large.

Sue Ann Jaffarian

Sue Ann Jaffarian is the author of the award-winning Odelia Grey mystery series which features a plus-size paralegal as an amateur sleuth. In addition to being a novelist, Sue Ann is a legal assistant and a sought-after motivational and humorous speaker. She lives and loves in Los Angeles, California, where she is currently working on Remedial Murder, the third installment in the Odelia Grey mystery series, and God’s Apology, a non-mystery novel. Love Bytes is her first romance fiction.
Come visit Sue Ann on our forums and check out her story, "Love Bytes", in the Love at Large anthology.

Louise King

Louise King is a creative person of many talents, though her first love is writing. When she isn’t working on a novel, she can be found in her stamping room making cards or scrapbooking. Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C., she currently lives in Edmonton, Canada, with her husband and three young children. To receive updates on upcoming projects, please email her at louise-king@hotmail.com.
Come visit Louise on our forums and check out her story, "Elusion", in the Leading Ladies anthology.

Simone Maroney

Simone Maroney was born in Montreal and has lived in Paris, Normandy, Quebec City, Toronto and Bermuda. She currently resides in Barrie, Ontario with the love of her life, four children and two stepchildren. She teaches French to Anglophones, holds a black belt in three martial arts and writes when she is not nursing the latest addition to the family. This is her first published novel. Please visit her website at www.simonemaroney.com for more information about Simone and her books.
Come visit Simone on our forums and check out her book, Moon Child.

Michael Dennis McDermott

Michael Dennis McDermott lives in New York City with his wife, Patricia, and his faithful companion, Leo, the Wonder Dog. He is currently working on a sequel to Finders Keepers.
Come visit Michael on our forums and check out his book, Finders Keepers.

Terry Olson

Terry Olson has spent the majority of his thirteen-year legal career in small town courtrooms throughout Michigan. The Michigan State University graduate has served as an assistant prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, civil litigator, and adjunct professor. As a free-lance journalist, his work has appeared in The Grand Rapids Press, The Williamston Enterprise, and the Escanaba Daily Press. His first novel, Direct Actions, was published in 2005. He lives in East Lansing, Michigan with his wife Bryna and their two children.
Come visit Terry on our forums and check out his book, Skinny Berry.

Stephen B. Pearl

Stephen B. Pearl is a lifeguard, husband, mystic, science enthusiast, environmentalist, sustainable energy enthusiast, home handyman, backyard mechanic, and writer. Like most people, the face he wears changes with the company and the season. His three cats know him as pride alpha (I like to think so, though servant might be more accurate. Who am I kidding? My wife runs the pride; I just try and stay out of her way).
As to writing, he has been writing fiction for 25 years, decent stuff for 15, if he does say so himself, and he has a modest but hopefully growing resume of published works.
At any rate, he is a man of middle years who lives in a house in Ontario, Canada with three cats, a wife and a sincere hope that you will enjoy his books.
Come visit Stephen on our forums and check out his book, Tinker's Plague.

Sharon Cupp Pennington

Sharon Cupp Pennington's short stories have appeared in numerous online and print venues, with anthology contributions to The Rocking Chair Reader in the Coming Home edition (2004) and Family Gatherings (2005), A Cup of Comfort for Weddings: Something Old, Something New (2007), and Good Old Days Magazine (March, 2007). Her debut novel, Hoodoo Money, was released in May 2008. She resides in Texas with her husband, Wayne, where she is currently working on her next project. Sharon welcomes your visit to http://www.sharonpenningtonwrites.webs.com/
Come visit Sharon on our forums and check out her books, Hoodoo Money and Mangroves and Monsters.

Mike Silvestri

Award winning author Mike Silvestri is a Central Pennsylvania native whose writing has appeared in everything from tabloids to literary journals to novels. He has authored one novel, an anthology of tabloid science fiction, and dozens of short stories, essays, and poems. Mike is a member of both the Pennsylvania-based writers' group Pennwriters, and the Susquehanna Writers.
Come visit Mike on our forums and check out his book, The Gospel of Matthias Kent.

Misty Simon

Misty Simon loves to tell stories, especially the ones she types on her computer. Sharing her quirky sense of humor through her full-figured heroines is a dream come true and she hopes readers take something away with them from every story. Misty recently relocated to Central Pennsylvania with her husband Daniel and her daughter Noelle, where she is currently finishing her next book while fixing up their new (to them) house from the 1820s.
Come visit Misty on our forums and check out her books, Poison Ivy and The Wrong Drawers and Something Old Something Dead and Frame and Fortune and For Love and Cheesecake and Reignited and her story "Out of the Storm" in The Shape of Love anthology and her story "Come Away With Me" in the Leading Ladies anthology.

Victoria Smith

Victoria Smith Victoria Smith wrote her first romance at the age of nine and hid the story from her brothers to avoid being teased. Her mother recently found and gave her the folded notebook paper and, if you're lucky, one day she'll reveal who the hero in that story was. Now, she writes dark paranormal, romantic suspense and women's fiction - always with a happy, or at least satisfying, ending. An active member of Romance Writers of America, Victoria lives in Central Pennsylvania with her high school sweetheart, four children, an oversized mutt who thinks she's a lapdog, an overweight cat who tries to make visitors believe he's never fed, and an ever changing menagerie of critters. Visit her blog at http://vickismith.blogspot.com/
Come visit Victoria on our forums and check out her story "Sheltered" in The Shape of Love anthology.

Nancy Trausch lives in the proverbial, quiet Midwestern small-town USA of Bryan, Ohio. Fourteen years ago, she was lucky to find and marry her soul mate, best friend, support system, and the person she affectionately calls her “Handsome Hero Husband”. Together Nancy and Mike brought in the next generation of Trausch’s with Jacob, 10 and Jessica, 5. Their family is rounded out with four cats, Charlie, Cujo, Bud and Peace.
Come visit Nancy on our forums and check out her story, "A Change in Direction" in the Love at Large anthology.

Eileen Wilson

Eileen Wilson moves in the corporate world by day, but creates worlds of her own by night. A Jacqueline of all trades, she’s worked in a variety of jobs including general news reporter, sales administrator, administrative secretary, and customer care specialist. Eileen is a proud, card-carrying member of the “Big Girl Club,” and it is a great honor to have her first published story, “An Unforgettable Kiss,” included in this special anthology. She likes the idea of creating heroines that her BBW sisters can relate to. A Knoxville native, she currently lives in Cincinnati with her husband, the sexiest Welshman alive, and her two cats.
Come visit Eileen on our forums and check out her story, "An Unforgettable Kiss" in the Love at Large anthology.

Kiva Wolfe

Kiva Wolfe is a welcome new voice in suspense adventure. After receiving her BA in Anthropology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, she enjoyed an active career as a museum curator, on the cutting edge of interpretive specialists integrating hands-on learning with exhibit design. Prior to working as a fundraising consultant and PR specialist, she was a contributing writer and photographer for a city-wide magazine.
"Americano de nascenca, brasileiro em coracao," Kiva says of herself, which means she may be American by birth, but she's Brazilian in heart. Her fascination with human history and primitive belief systems led her to the study of Candomble, an Afro-Brazilian religion that has millions of followers. Kiva's charitable activities include children's literacy programs in the U.S. and relief and environmental awareness programs in western Uganda.
Ms. Wolfe belongs to Mystery Writers of America, Pikes Peak Writers, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, and Sisters in Crime. An admitted gemstone junkie, Kiva resides in Colorado with her family. With the release of her debut suspense-adventure novel Red Flash, she is busily working on the second book in the series, Tears of Iemanja. When asked what she would be if she were a gemstone, Kiva replied: "Definitely an aquamarine, and about as bold a blue as it gets."
Come visit Kiva on our forums and check out her book, Red Flash.

Gene Wright

Gene Wright is Emeritus Professor of English at the University of North Texas. He served in the U. S. Army, mostly in Korea in 1955-56, and received a letter of commendation for outstanding service. As a professor he has won many awards for teaching, and his books and articles on Renaissance literature are often cited. His highly acclaimed first three novels, Run, Run As Fast As You Can (2001), Nobody Knows His Name (2003), and The Painful Warrior (2005), established Wright as a fiction writer with broad appeal. He lives with his wife of many years near Denton, Texas.
Come visit Gene on our forums and check out his book, The Accidental Warrior.


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